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(3) New Book Releases 2020-2021

"No Tithes In The Garden Paradise Eastward of Eden"

-Extended revelation from his first two books about tithing

God entrusted him to write.

"The Royal Destiny and Purpose of Cush:

God's Beautiful Black Race of People"

-You are mighty one before the Lord on earth (Genesis 10:8).

"The Ministry Blog Book On Tithing And Faith"

-Compliation of ministry blogs posted on website.

Ronald L Lewis.



 New Post 04-28-2020

The Minister's Blog-From the Prayer ROOM                                                                               
by Minister Ronald Lewis

Message to the Pastor and the Church From the book "No Tithes in the garden esatward of Eden"

What do we mean when we say, "No Tithes in Eden," because Eden is a place of faith, and faith reveals the righteousness of God, and because it's a place of faith, no unrighteous can dwell in God's place of residence here on earth, "The Garden of Eden." We will discuss more on the subject in another chapter in this book.

Most Christians in the Charismatic and Pentecostal movement and the traditional church now paid tithes with the offerings. With there being so many kinds of offering on the church envelope, you sometimes wonder which one you should give to, the traditional church at one time or another didn't pay tithes. They paid what was called church dues, because the Pastor didn't teach the people faith giving, a lot of traditional church was in bondage until there was a transition in the traditional church with the charismatic and full gospel minister take over, a lot of the traditional church started implementing the word. It was a perfect opportunity to implement the tithes, with the word of God, by imparting fear in the people, that if they didn't pay tithes, they will be cursed with a curse, from the Old Testament Law teaching in the book of Malachi 3:8-10 and because pastors saw that other pastors got tremendously blessed by this Old testament Law teachings on tithes giving.  Go to suite blog, to read the whole massage

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